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5 Incredible Facts to Help You Unleash the Power Of Your Mind

If you want to change yourself for the better then that change will have to start from within your mind. Every successful person on planet earth has mastered one or more of these facts to succeed in their endeavors.

It seems easy when you hear a successful person’s story but what you do not know is the amount of work they put in to unleash the power of the mind to focus on the right things that led them to success.

When faced with difficult situations for instance, they focus on coming out of it successful because they have trained their minds to do so. You need self-knowledge and awareness of personal ability to be able to do this.

I have listed here 7 incredible facts to unleash the power of your mind.


1.  Develop new thoughts processes.

To change your current reality, you need to develop new thoughts processes that will create new feelings within your body. You have to start monitoring your thoughts and ways of thinking. You have to learn to think positive thoughts and develop feelings that influence your mind positively.

2.  The change starts as soon as you decide to change.

To change the mind, the change starts as soon as you decide to change. When you come to conclusion that you need change, your automatic programming immediately reveals itself.

You begin to experience a feeling of conflict within yourself, which sends signals of fear to your brain trying to convince it that the change is dangerous to your being.  The resistance leads to uncertainty and doubt. Once you begin to go through this process and you do not reinforce the need for the change it repeats itself and you find yourself failing to bring the desired change to fruition.

3.  You must always have a plan.

It is difficult following laid down plans, even more difficult laying down the plan. Like the saying he who fails to plan, plans to fail. If you are true to yourself about a desired change in your life then you must proceed to laying down concrete plans on how to achieve that change.

Always have a long-term plan between 3 to 5 years and then break down this plan to yearly plans, monthly plans, weekly plans and daily plans. Once you get to the point where you start to execute daily plans towards your longer-term goals, it becomes very easy to convince your mind that your plan for the desired change is certain.

Following through on your plans for 21 to 30 days consistently, will enable you developed the habit needed to work your plans out.

4.  Develop a repetitive circle of programming and reprogramming your subconscious.

This is where the automatic mechanism that directs our lives is. Practice they say makes perfect. If you keep repeating to yourself, any thought whether positive or negative, the subconscious tends to pick it and store the experience. Little wonder you portray a particular attitude or behavior. This is so because you feel very comfortable with the thought. It becomes a part of you requiring no effort to repeat the outcome of such thought.

5.  Learn something new

The human brain can be, compared to the muscle in your body. The more you train it the more developed it become. This also applies to your mind. The more you exercise it the more developed it gets. One way to give your brain constant challenge is by learning something new every time. This helps to stretch your mind to adapt to various situations and conditions.


There you have it. Take this away and do some practice today. Procrastination will do you no good. It will only help to strengthen you failure programming which makes it even more difficult to instill the desired change.

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