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7 Industries Where You Can Become a Millionaire in 2021

7 Industries Where You Can Become a Millionaire in 2021 is hereby identified for those of you who want to use the opportunity the pandemic presents to start their own business.

In my search for profitable businesses anyone can invest in, I identified 7 industries where you can become a millionaire in 2021.

If you are thinking of getting into business for yourself or becoming an entrepreneur, these are some of the hottest sectors you should start to research and explore because they are bound to be the profit pullers in 2021.

The year 2020 for some i a lost decade but, for a lot more it will be remembered as the year where more people became more wealthier. The pandemic exposed a lot of opportunities and only those who were well positioned to cash in were able to use the opportunity to increase their wealth.

Some of the world’s billionaires saw their wealth rise to an astronomical level. This was due to the need for certain essentials or technologies which, aided people all around the world in one way or the other to carryout business activities, meet their daily needs for survival or entertain themselves.

Below are the 7 industries where millionaires will be made in 2021 based on their importance and essentialities to survival as seen in the covid-19 lockdown period.

1.  Agriculture

Agriculture right now is the biggest business opportunity every where you go. On TV, the radio and on the lips of every individual, expert and government representative. You know why? People needed to eat. People could not move around to provide themselves supply.

The diversification drive by the government has led to a massive boast of the agribusiness sector. Depending on where you live you can do a research of fast yielding agro products like vegetables which allows for easy entry because of the low capital required.

Some hot products include; tomatoes, pepper, rice, cassava, ginger, oil palm, lettuce, cabbage, vegetables etc,. These and many more are daily essentials in the meals of everyone.

Those who focus on processing their produce will become millionaires the fastest.

2.  Food Processing and Packaging

Those who are not able to participate in farming can position themselves to process and package farm products. The requirement will entail a bit of training and equipment acquisition.

Demand is high but supply is low as a result of the technical knowhow and capital requirement.

This is where the money is, for those who are able to think innovatively by going further to properly package and brand their processed products. With the dawn of the internet age it is now easy for small business owners to dominate and become rich in their niche by marketing and selling their products online.

All you have to do is to setup a simple website powered by wordpress for your business and sell to Millions of people using digital marketing tools and the suite of software products provided here for marketing and selling your products online.

3.  E-Commerce

This is simply the transactional process of exchanging money for goods and service involving buyers and sellers via a third party online portal or your own branded ecommerce website.

This is the biggest industry where you can become a millionaire in 2021.

If you own a business or offer a product or service then the use of a website for your business will enable you scale your business faster than you could selling offline without a web presence.

You don’t even need to be a tech person to start your own ecommerce site.

The richest man in the world today owns the ecommerce site and that’s proof that ecommerce is lucrative. During the pandemic, most people could not go out because of the stay home directive by the government. But the businesses who were able to create a way for people to order online right from the convenience of their home made multi millions and billions and the biggest of them all was Amazon’s Jeff Bezos.

The ecommerce industry is set to hit a record high in revenue growth as a result of the mass adoption by many people world wide following the pandemic and the ease and comfort of buying from your home. By positioning yourself now you will be able to benefit from this mass adoption and the ensuing revenue that is generated from those wanting to buy online.

4.  Fashion Design

Fashion design though requires some training has proven to be the easiest and fastest way to become a millionaire.

Though this was one of the industries worst hit during the pandemic, the rate of recovery is astounding. following reported increase in demand for luxury goods and apparel world wide.

You got three main ways to get into this business. First, you go spend between 6 to 12 months learning to sew depending on your interest. Second, get the staff together that will do the job for you. Third you just outsource your production to a factories that handle large scale manufacturing.

Once you have decided which way you want to go which, of course depend on the amount of capital you have at your disposal then, you focus on marketing and branding.

There is a lot of money to be made here even as imported clothes have become very expensive opening up the local apparel manufacturing industry.

There is mass adoption of local fabrics like Ankara which is now used for designs other than the known traditional wears. Getting into this industry promises great returns especially for graduates yet to find employment.

5.  Digital Publishing

This is the industry for online marketers, internet marketers, information marketers, bloggers, internet consultants, writers, software developers and publishers, online news and magazine publishers.

This is a booming industry and entry is both easy and difficult but you must acquire either the development skills for software or marketing skills for promotions to succeed in digital publishing.  Understanding how to monetize is the make it or breaker it factor in this industry.

The ease of entry allows more people to start up in this industry and become millionaires from scratch. But it takes a lot of learning to grow to millionaire status.

The easiest way to start is to get your blog set up and start promoting other peoples product as an affiliate marketer.  Research a money making opportunity and learn while you earn.

6.  Music

This is another industry that is poised to return mega millions in 2020. The requirement for entry is that you have a singing, production or management skill.

The digitization of audio and video products has led to the increase in the income of the musician in a global scale. Artiste can now sell their music on large online portals like Spotify, Facebook, Amazon, Google, Apple and even on their on web site.

The pandemic led to restrictions. It became difficult for fans who would normally go out for shows and concerts to do so. The hunger for this kind of gathering after the easing of restrictions will see fans trooping out in mass to see their favorite artiste and musicians which will increase the rate a which they get paid.

Also there is the development and use of block chain technology which will go a long way to generate more income for the musician using smart contracts.

The endorsement business practically exist here where artiste and producers are paid millions yearly by corporate organizations with big money bags to represent them as brand ambassadors.

Like any business opportunity it requires work and commitment.

7.  Mining

The mining industry as listed here includes both digital and physical mining activities such as mineral deposits that is yet untapped and digital currency mining such as bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

But investment into this sector is a bit difficult to enter following the enormous amount of capital required to start and the technical no how needed to to succeed.

There is great opportunity here even as more development is been made to proliferate digital money and its mass adoption as a means of global exchange and payment for both local and international trade.

There you have it. Start planning your strategy for a more successful year ahead

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