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7 Ways to Improve Yourself Quickly

We live in a world that is constantly evolving and advancing. If you are to live a fulfilled and successful life, you have to continuously improve yourself quickly.

This needs to be done holistically encompassing all areas of your life.


Today I will be discussing 7 ways to improve yourself quickly to live a more abundant and prosperous life.


So let’s get right into it…


1. Raise your standard


A low quality life is easily perceived through low standards in your personal life. If you are serious about improving your life, you have to raise your standards.

This can be seen in the quality of thought and in the people you hang out and interact with.

Take a cue from the popular saying…

Birds of a feather flock together

If you hang around mediocre people it will reflect on your attitude and negate your ability to improve your life fast.


2. Continuous Learning


If you want to improve yourself, you have to develop the habit of continuous learning. Learn new skills to remain relevant whether in your profession or in life.

This will enable you adapt easily to any condition or circumstances you face on your journey through life.

You can learn through…

  • Reading books
  • Taking courses
  • Going to seminars and conferences
  • Playing games
  • Volunteering
  • Travelling etc,…

Make a commitment to continuously learn new things and you will tremendously improve yourself.

This will lead to increased confidence on yourself and your abilities which in turn impacts tour self esteem and self worth.


3. Learn to face your fears


Fear is a natural occurrence found in Every human being.

It is…

F   False

E   Evidence

A   Appearing

R   Real


It is said that…

95% of all the things we fear never happens.

If you know this, you will learn to take control of your mind once fear starts to creep in.

Develop the habit of pondering on your greatest fears and breaking down its strong hold on you in your mind.

Simply create an imaginary picture of that fear in your mind and see yourself over coming it.

Apply my 4S strategy to achieving any goal…






4. Increase your net worth


Your net worth is a reflection of your network.

The people you hang around will go a long way to determine your earnings.

If you hang around poor people with low incomes and negative mindset, you pick that and same thing happens when you hang around high net worth people.

You can improve yourself quickly by improving your earnings, just hang around people of high income class who maintain a positive mindset. They will inspire and challenge you to grow.


5. Set big goals


When you set big goals in life you want to achieve you tend to put yourself out there.

The magnitude of the goals we set for ourselves entails that we prepare and sharpen our skills to be able to see these goals come to fruition.

If you set a goal to earn a Master’s or a PhD degree for instance, you will not sit in your comfort zone and wait for the degree to come to you. Instead you will begin to do all it necessitates to get it.

More so when it is time constrained and you will be held accountable.


6. Practice creative thinking


Creative thinking is a very important tool that can help you improve Yourself quickly.

This is the process by which you develop new ideas used in solving problems and provides lots of options in your ideas tool box.

It helps to develop your thinking faculty which enhances your minds ability to process ideas, increase awareness and sharpen the mind.

People who think outside the box always think creatively the reason they easily differentiate themselves from the bulk of the people.


7. Get a coach

There is a new trend that is sweeping through the world of personal development.

That is the proliferation and increasing popularity of personal, business and life coaches.

Experts in different areas of endeavors are now offering their expertise as coaches.

This use to be popular in the sports circle where you have athletes employing coaches to train them and sharpen their skills with the aim of winning competitions.

You can now get a coach in any area of your chosen you see fit and in need of improvement. This can be in business, in public speaking, marketing, etiquettes, singing and the list goes on.


There you have it 7 ways you can improve yourself quickly for people who are concerned and serious about personal improvement.



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