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7 Ways You Can Make Money On Social Media

The easiest way you can make money on social media, get your message out to the world and build your brand is to create valuable content that is liked, shared and attracts comments from your friends, fans and followers.
This is the strategy I am using to build my online business and I will be sharing with you the 7 ways you can make money on social media.
Its getting harder and harder to make money online if you do not have the proper packaging, branding and tools. All this will cost money even if nobody tell you this.
As a newbie, to make money on social media without the budget to invest into the packaging and branding that let’s people perceive you as an authority and expert in your niche will lead to failure and frustration.

You can follow these 7 strategies to make money on social media.

Alright… to the 7 strategies:


1)  Brand Yourself on Social Media Sites

Traffic is constantly on the increase in major social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, YouTube etc.
Set up fan pages on these sites and start to groom your own followers.
Develop a very attractive profile on these social media sites about you, your business and what you have to offer with a beautiful and attractive graphic header and profile picture.
Get a graphic designer on to help you with the design jobs. This is a place to get cheap but great design jobs done if you are just starting out or just cannot spend time to learn graphic design skills.
This can tremendously boost your brand and increase the perception of your expert status.

2)  Post Valuable Content on A Regular Basis


It is your content that brings people to your fan page. So constantly post useful informative and educational content as related to your niche.
As you do this you begin to notice that people rely on you for solving their problems when they ask questions soliciting for your help.
Some of the solution you proffer will either be your products or affiliate products. Sign up as an affiliate with top affiliate marketing sites like Jvzoo and Warrior+ to start selling products from top digital and internet marketers. This is the easiest way you can make money on social media.

3) Connect With Your Audience In A Deeper Level

Every fan expect one thing from you, to make them feel welcome and important.
Use this opportunity to relate on an individual basis with your fans by replying to their comments.
Like, acknowledge and thank them whenever they make contributions and they I’ll reciprocate. By so doing you increase their response and spark a high rate of activity on you page.
You have to be committed to your fans and followers.
Once you are able to show your fans and followers that you care and you are concerned about them they stay loyal to you.
Show that you understand their needs and help to solve their problems.
Reach out to them, appreciate their contributions, respond to their questions and direct them where their problems can be solved if you don’t have the solution.
In this way, you are able to develop the know, like and trust factor that ensures followers buy from you each time they a ready to buy a product or service you promote. 

4) Send Promotions on a regular basis

The number one goal for Your fan page is to build relationships.
Once you are able to build a solid relationship with your fans, they come to like and trust you.
This gives you the opportunity to monetize your followers by sending them promotions.
This can be in form of free gifts or discounted products and services. If properly done, you are in for a lot of cash returns on the time you spend on maintaining the relationship.

This is not to say you push to them products and services fo sale at every given opportunity, you just make sure it is a balance affair. Send useful and helpful post and also share your promotions.

5) Create and Promote Your Own Information Products and Services

This is very difficult to do as a beginner but the most profitable if you are able to learn and master the process of creating your own products and services.
The easiest and the shortest way to get on this lane is to either buy resell rights to other products or better still buying private label rights to products you can brand as your own.

It saves you the time and money needed to develop your own products because someone else who is more experience in the process of product creation got the job done and gave you the opportunity to buy the rights to sell the product as your own.
Though in some cases the products are of low quality but, it gets you on the road to making money with which you can invest into your education and buying the tools you need to learn how to create your own products.

6) Invest in Paid Advertising

The idea to grow your fan page organically is great. But if you want to grow your fan base exponentially within a short period of time, then you have to invest into advertising.
It’s a better way to reach your target audience, so you can tailor cut your promotions to people who are ready to buy the products and services you promote.
This will reduce the amount of time and resources wasted and create effective and efficient campaigns that brings in high returns on investment.

7) Connect with major influencers


A Very smart way you can make money on social media is to connect with other well established influencers with lots of following.


Do joint venture with them, promote their products, present in their events, collaborate on varying projects and support them in their courses.

They see this as a favor and will waste no time in returning the favor any time you call on them.


Once again do this properly by not approaching them to ask for their help but helping them first.


A single referral or recommendation can send you straight to the bank.

Here is a way to locate and contact millions of influencers by just a click of the botton.

There you have it! 7 ways you can make money on social media.

Thank you for reading and please remember to share, like and comment if this has been of help to you.


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