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Being Broke Is Only A Temporary Condition

Contrary to popular belief, “poor” and “broke” don’t exactly mean the same thing. Both involve a lack of money. However, being poor is a mindset. Being broke is only a temporary condition.

The key here is your mindset. It’s the answer to a lot of problems, especially with our current political climate where it seems everyone is blaming the government for their problems.

Many people are finding themselves facing very tough times right now, financially speaking. What determines if these people bounce back or stay trapped by their financial situation will be their attitude. If you are broke, look not only at the problems you are facing, but also the opportunities it presents.


Try to see challenges as stepping stones rather than a road block. The fear of failing usually will lead to you avoiding opportunities and ventures. if you fail at some thing it is easy to pick yourself up and find out why you failed and what remedy you can apply to ensure success a second time.


The wealthy look at opportunities that most people don’t see. But there are rich people who lose their money to two things: expensive liabilities (fancy cars, long vacations, and Mega Mansions).


And poor people who try to emulate rich people by acquiring the rich things of life as stated above failing to match this with a corresponding and consistent increase in income.


But with financial intelligence this can be avoided. So the key here is, finding training programs that teaches you how to be financially free.


Some of the biggest beneficiaries to the tax code are those that grow the economy through creating jobs—entrepreneurs. In President Trump’s proposed tax reform, you can see that he is setting up the tax code to do exactly this, rewarding those who grow the economy and create jobs, while also eliminating some pressures for the middle-class.


But it is a different story for us here in Nigeria where we see no direction on the path of the government to put down tangible programs and systems to ensure increased productivity which leads to economic growth.


Then the issue of multiple taxation by all levels of government and illegal dues and levies imposed on members by various trade associations.


It is time to take charge of your life or die. We can only increase our productive capacity to get out of this economic mess. Who but you and i saddled with the responsibility to produce more for the economy.


If you want to know how to start then join me and my elite group of enlightened entrepreneurs a new breed of entrepreneurs determined to speared head the industrial revolution by embarking on small and medium scale manufacturing of products that have been proven to sell locally there by cutting importation and increase wealth for us all.

Its time to get it right with our personal economy and it starts now. Whether you make money in the short term or not, just focus on the long term plan and keep grinding.


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