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How To Make Money In 2020 With Your Own Business

Do you have a plan to start your own business in the year 2020?

Join me as i reveal my strategy on How To Make Money In 2020 With Your Own Business. Anyone can use this strategy to make a consistent income in the new year.

What you need to start focusing on and how you can follow these five steps to make 2020 a prosperous year .


1. Start Your Own Business

The fastest way to make money is to start your own business offering products and services for sale in return for money. It has become easy in recent years to start a business with little or no capital.

Determine the niche or the type of business you intend to start and do a proper business registration with a notable and memorable name fit for branding.

2. Take Your Business Online

Capital use to be the biggest obstacle to the small guy starting his own business. But, this is no longer the case as it is now possible to start your business online. This will only cost you the required domain name and hosting.

You do not need large investment on inventory and shop or office space because you can start from the convenience of your home using just a laptop and internet connection.

 3. Brand Your Business

Why do people buy Coca Cola, Pepsi, Nike, LG, Gucci and a lot of the known world wide brands?

Not just for the quality of their products, usefulness or superiority but, for the brand awareness. These companies have spent billions of dollars to develop their brand awareness advertising their businesses in multiple channels in order to reach the general public. And they consistently do this to keep imposing their logo, and brand assets where they can be seen.

You have to start small and try not to compete with the big brands. You have to spend time to develop your own brand asset and learn to advertise as a small business owner in order to reach your target market. With this it is easy to grow very fast.

 4. Recruit Affiliates For Your Business
Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to make money online. As a product or business owner it should be your goal to deploy affiliate marketers in 2020 to help you spread the word about your products and services.

The beautiful part of this strategy is that you only pay for performance. That is affiliate get a commission for sales made. if no sale is made no payment is made. With this you are able to save yourself a lot of money used to pay none performing marketers employed in your business.

5. Create a consistent weekly content

Content they say is king. you need to develop a content marketing strategy that helps to send the message out about your products and services.

This will help you generate organic traffic to your website from all over the internet with which you can use to build your mailing list of buying customers.

Here you need to have an idea about writing articles which you can post on your social media channels, website or blog to attract buyers of your products and services.

To make this easy you need to develop a content development and distribution calendar to ensure consistent posting of content at particular times of the week or month as the case may be.

This is a proven strategy anyone can follow to take any business to a consistent income. If you have started your business you can use the detailed step by step process to structure and automate your business for more visibility, growth and profit.

For next year, my goal will be to follow this same process to  set up new businesses for small business owners irrespective of  the kind of business they are into or products and services they sell.

It is the easiest way for anyone to go from zero to a consistent income weekly like i have done. So it’s left to you to determine how much you would like to earn, do the math and follow the simple steps laid out above.

Watch me build my business with progress report on what next, how to go about it, the tools and mindset you need, coaching calls with entrepreneurs, small business owners and interviews from entrepreneurs actively running their businesses in different niches where you can start your own business and succeed.
stick around lets do this for your business as well. Even if you are yet to start.
Thank you for reading and please remember to share, like and comment if this has been of help to you.

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