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Power Of Clarity

Learn to develop your power of clarity, this will guarantee the achievement of any set goal in any area of your life.

Have you ever tried to engage in an activity and you were not quite sure if you should? The simple reason is you were not certain about it.


If you were called by a known acquaintance at on a Saturday morning asking you to come collect a check of N10 million, would you have the time to doubt if he was playing pranks on you?


Take time to develop the power of clarity in everything you do. What this means simply is that you show courage when you do not have all the answers to a problem. Just know it will work out and to your favor.

When asked by a doubtful person what or how i am going to handle a particular problem I just look them in the face and say I will cross the bridge when I get there.

If you keep dwelling on the problems, the certainty of solving problems by generating lots of ideas will elude you. Develop a confident out look to life and have a mind shift, one that believes everything is possible.


With few experiences on this path it becomes easy to stay certain even when things come crumbling down on you. And this is actually where you start to show some determination to succeed. This is the missing ingredient in so many teachings and books.


Nobody tells you to keep holding on at the point where it seems most painful. This could be compared to the muscles in your body. The work you put in building it starts when you start to feel the pain.

At this point you should be clear and certain in your mind that you will achieve what ever you set out to achieve. This is where geniuses are made.


So go engage in some practice today, face a difficult situation with the certainty that you will come out of it triumphantly.


Please share your experiences with us so other readers can learn from them.

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